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Dozing on the Delta

sunny 35 °C

Casona del Rio 'our B&B

Casona del Rio 'our B&B

Boat ride from Tigre to our B&B

Boat ride from Tigre to our B&B

After the buzz of Buenos Aires and exhaustion from doing the tango (!) we headed for the sleepy backwaters of the Tigre delta. Our B&B is on an island in the delta so we had to get the water bus. Everyone has a boat here - even the kids go to school by boat. Our bnb is a quirky easy going spot where time stands still. We are getting to know the volunteers working here and are picking up tips for volunteering for bed and board on the rest of our trip. The only minus is the fecking mosquitos who seem to like our pink juicy skin. Getting lots of RnR before our assault on patagonia on Friday. We can't imagine ever being cold again but no doubt we will feel the chill at the bottom of the world. So that's it for now amigos. Time for a Quilmes (local beer) before bed. And maybe even a clove of garlic or two to fend off the mossies (and seamus....)

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Buenos Aires

Finding our feet

sunny 31 °C

Red Bull Exhibition

Red Bull Exhibition

Please sir! can i have some more

Please sir! can i have some more

My Pub

My Pub

Well, all going ok so far. BA is a city of many faces. From the wide boulevards of the city centre to the trendy little shops of the soho like palermo to the ram shakle tenements of la boca, it's a wonderful place. Tonight on our way home, the Avenida de Mayo - the equivalent of o'connell st was closed to traffic while the locals danced the tango to live orchestras. Old and young dancing their hearts out. We can still hear them outside our hotel and they will dance til dawn. A beautiful thing to watch.
Yesterday we visited the La Boca stadium where Maradonna played and we ate half a cow cooked on a charcoal grill. Heaven!
Seamus was happy today as we got to see the Red Bull formula one exhibition race - well
worth the 3 hour wait......
Tomorrow we head river delta to Tigre where we will chillax until we fly to Ushuaia n the southernmost tip of sth america.

Aine forgot to mention we went to the Japanese Gardens... very pretty. We had to duck in and out of the shade yesterday and today as temp topped 30 degrees plus!!! We've walked nearly all of BA and leg weary are we. Anyway hope everyone is well and let us know if anything out of the ordinary happens at home.

By the way the pub really is mine...

Until the next entry, 'Adios Amigos'

Aine and Seamus

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New Beginnings

sunny 22 °C

TaIMG_6891.jpglk about last minute...... we did it again with only one hour to spare. Phew!!! We packed our bags on thurs morning and then cleaned the house as quickly as posible to Aine's high standards, (I have to say that as she's liable to clip me round the ear). Thanks to Gerry for loaning us his car to do a few errands in the city, get dollars, pay bills etc. Also for making us sandwiches and driving us to airport. I'd say he was more nervous than we were that we would not make it in time. Thanks to Una and Aideen for the dinners on Sunday and Monday night, fab food 'yum!
Thanks also to liam for looking after the soft top, much appreciated bro.

We left Cork at 4 and arrived heatrow at 5.30. Departed london at 9.45pm and arrived in buenos aires at 8.35am today, thirteen and a half hours flight. Slept some but not enough,I prob got more than my wifey, but anyway we've just booked in to hotel so let the holiday begin in earnest. Weather is sunny and already 22 degrees at 11am-Heaven... Aine's already thinking of food, what's new I say. Anyway day 1 is looking good. Will sign off for now and hope everyone is dead jealous.

Later, faithful followers,

Aine & Seamus.

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D Day minus 7

So well prepared....NOT!

all seasons in one day

Áine is right! I am a lazy good for nothing (!)... expecting her to redecorate the house, plan the holiday, pack everything away, prepare the meals and wash up all on her own! Well she will have nearly a year of doing nothing so i thought she should cram in as much as she could before we bid everyone farewell!

2 over flowing car loads to the charity shop already and probably at least one more to go. We were hoping to sell the Avensis to finance our expedition but still no bite from a prospective buyer.... price drop yet again. If anyone knows of a 'sucker' who might be interested in buying it, please ring us yesterday!! A few more nights of farewell to friends and relatives to come before the off, provided we manage to get our 'list of things to do' completed....Ha Ha, not a hope.

We're just back from our last and fleeting visit to Mayo, where we spent a few days with Colm (Aine's Dad). Bet Tierra del Fuego won't be a patch on it! First stop Buenos Aires for a week, then we fly down to Ushuaia on the southern tip of Argentina - next stop Antarctica - before making our way back up through Patagonia (Argentina & Chile) to Santiago.

Hopefully those Spanish CDs we borrowed last week from Douglas library will do their job although I'd say we will be seeing a lot of confused faces in América del Sur!

Hasta luego amigos

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